Arrow Intelligent Solutions-Supermicro

Arrow Intelligent Solutions (AIS)

Arrow Intelligent Solutions (AIS) is a division of Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 500 company and the world's largest electronics distribution company. We are a global computing solutions provider dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to our customers.

Global Integration Site in Israel

Our 8,000 sq/m integration site in Israel is equipped with expert hardware and software technicians and engineers, ready to support our customers with:

  • Design: Custom and off-the-shelf hardware platforms (embedded, industrial, commercial) with vendor expert consultations.
  • Integration: Comprehensive hardware/software integration, testing, and QA.
  • Global Delivery: Ensuring timely delivery to your customers worldwide.
  • Support: Offering robust global support.

Arrow & Supermicro

As a key partner ,Service provider and integrator of Supermicro in Israel and worldwide, we execute numerous global projects for OEM /Defence /SAAS/ HighTech companies, including integration, manufacturing, distribution, and support of edge computing solutions.

We specialize in HPC, data centers, customization, rugged computing, and special GPU/CPU solutions—all based on Nvidia, Intel, and other leading manufacturers represent globally by Arrow. With us, you improve your management, production and integration – while reducing your costs and reaching new markets.

:Industry Verticals We Serve

We cater to various industries, including: AI, Medical, Industrial, IoT, Data center, Semiconductors, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Defense, Communications and more.

Our Tailored Solutions for Startups provide Significant Advantages:

Top-Tier Partnerships: Collaborations with over 160 global vendors, including Dell, HPE, Supermicro, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and more.

Focus on Core Capabilities: Allowing you to concentrate on R&D, marketing, and sales.

Cost-Efficiency: No need for capital investment in production facilities.

Flexibility and Efficiency: Enabling rapid growth and scalability.

Proven Expertise: Hundreds of successful integration projects, helping save time and reduce costs.

Market Access: Potential to market unique solutions through Arrow’s global partnerships.

Global Reach: Ensuring your solutions have a worldwide presence.

Strong Israeli Presence: A robust and ever-growing site in Israel, ready for your projects.

Contact Us

To discover how Arrow Intelligent Solutions (AIS) can support your projects and drive your business forward. Contact our CTO, Yaron Schechter. He will accompany you throughout the entire process, ensuring seamless integration and support.

Yaron Schechter ,CTO, Mail: [email protected]   Tel: 052-5923339

Yaniv Raz ,General Manager & Director   +972.3.9203435  Mail: [email protected]